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What is Adæpt?

Adæpt is an Uncoded Initiative committed to development in practice - [the development of people, communities, technologies, and businesses.

With a cyclical workshop series spanning the spectrum of Personal Psychology, Product Development, and Business Design, Adæpt is about becoming adept at adaptation.

In the connected economy, telling your story becomes crucial. Your body of work is the first way that a prospective employer, client, or colleague will come to know you as a professional in your field.

Whether you see yourself as a creative freelancer, an engineer, or an entrepreneur, sharing your “why” and your “how” is the way you connect with your audience.

In an Adæpt workshop, you are given the context and tools to fully explore this story.

Your hunches and intuitions about the marketplace are turned into projects aimed at having an impact on the lives of those you seek to uplift - [your audience, customers, or friends.

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