Uncoded Community Barn Raising

Uncoded Community Barn Raising

Are you looking to make a difference with your coding or Information Technology skills? Are you a student or hobbyist looking for an opportunity to gain real world experiences for your resume? We have exciting new opportunities for you…

Community Coding

Our goal is to help Non-Profit orgs in Long Beach develop the tools that will help them in their missions. The tools you develop will be created in a collaborative effort between Uncoded, and various Non-Profit orgs in Long Beach and Surrounding areas.

As a volunteer you will be working in groups to develop these new and exciting tools.

Who Should Get Involved?

Community Volunteers

If you are a professional in web/application development we would like you to join our effort to lead teams and guide less experienced student volunteers in developing the applications/tools.

Skills Needed

Student volunteers

Students with all levels of experience are invited to join the effort. Those with some coding experience will be invited to join teams and work deeply on the development of the app/tool. Students with little/no coding experience are welcome to sit in and learn more about the process of application development.

Tech Hobbyists

Tech hobbyists (of all levels) are encouraged to participate in any way they are comfortable, as long as they are respectful and not a distraction.

Help the community; help yourself.

Students involved in this effort will be working on a real world application that can be used as a project on a resume. In addition, Those students that contribute substantially to the project can use our org as a reference when you are out looking for a job.

Our first planning meeting will be the week after Fishackathon (April 22-24).