We are community-oriented technologists. We are Uncoded!


About Uncoded

Since 2015, Uncoded has fostered community spirit among technology professionals and enthusiasts in Long Beach, CA. We host regular social events at which attendees can form new contacts, receive advice on job-hunting, and geek out on everything from open-source software to hydroponics to 3D printing.


To create and inspire a passionate, sharing, and inventive local tech culture through open, inclusive engagement with our community.


We imagine a city where community life goes hand-in-hand with technology, and where people freely share ideas and software.

Our Pillars


Engage with civic, community, and business institutions to win their support for, and commitment to, our thriving tech community.


Encourage local businesses to provide speakers, venues, and sponsorship to support our programs. Give back to businesses by taking their hiring needs into account while educating members of the community.

Community & Networking

Run technology-centric events which create bonds between leaders and volunteers in technology. Help the Long Beach tech community grow while integrating it into the city as a whole.

Active Initiatives

Hack Nights

A weekly event, and our most popular one. Anyone involved in technology or passionate about it is encouraged to attend, regardless of skill level. At Hack Nights, we share with one another, that we may all learn from our peers. Hack Nights begin with introductions and sharing, then morph into working and socializing sessions.

Tech Working

Join Uncoded for an evening of networking and conversation with other members of Long Beach's tech community. This networking event is open to anyone working in, tinkering with, or interested in technology.


For those who are new to technology, Adaept offers resources on topics including coding, design, and business.

Barn Raising

Uncoded is implementing a new model of hacktivism which identifies and centers the needs of the community.

Board Members


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Digital Communities

We meet virtually on the Matrix Network. Check out our rooms below.

Hack Night

Hack Night Room


Events Room

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