News and Events

Say Hello to Our New Eventbrite

We’ve got some important updates to share with you regarding our group’s event organization and communication. As you may have noticed, we’ve decided to move away from using Meetup for our events. We’ve loved the platform and the community it has helped us build, but recently, the cost has become a bit too steep to justify. We believe that our resources are better spent elsewhere to bring you more awesome experiences.

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Hugo Migration and Custom Theme

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully migrated from WordPress to Hugo, along with a custom-built theme that closely resembles the original WordPress site. Hugo, for those unfamiliar, is a static site generator that operates without the need for PHP or a database. All pages are constructed locally and deployed directly to the site, resulting in faster load times and reduced hosting costs. As we endeavor to relaunch Unocded, we are exploring the use of open-source software to promote sustainability for our non-profit organization.

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